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Rookies, Veterans & Frequent Flyers All Take to the Trail

Wilderness Kids Hikes the River Loop Trails

18 Students, 3 volunteers and 4 Wilderness Kids staff set off to hike along the Potomac at Great Falls on March 4, under blue skies.

Wilderness Kids set off to Great Falls National Park in Virginia to get an east-looking perspective on the Potomac’s mighty falls, three weeks after an exciting journey along Maryland’s Billy Goat Trail gave us the westward-looking view.

Again, we had the chance to scramble along rocks and enjoy a wooded trail beside a mighty river. There were smiles, adventures, learning, growth, and just plain fun.

57 different students have now participated in our Weekend Outing Programs since its inception in January 2022. Of these 57, 13 are “rookies” having joined us for the first time in 2023.

A Trio of Rookies: Sandra, Paola and Claudia, middle school students at GW Middle School, joined Wilderness Kids for their inaugural Weekend Outing on March 4.

36 different students have participated in our Weekend Outings just in 2023 and of those 36, eight are “veterans” - they also participated in programs in the first 3 months of 2022, when our program was brand new.

A couple of Veterans: Luis and Paris joined Wilderness Kids this past weekend...and also on our first ever hike in the cold of January 2022 in Prince William Forest!

41 different students have participated in the 11 Weekend Outings we’ve hosted since the 22-23 school year began. Of those 41, 22 are “frequent flyers” - that is, they’ve been on 50% or more of the weekend outings we’ve offered since they first joined.

Earning Miles: Sama A, Asra, and Sama K are all frequent flyers, joining our Weekends Outings 11, 7, and 6 times respectively!

Q: Why so many numbers? What do they mean?

A: With your support, Wilderness Kids is:

  • Growing by adding new students - the Rookies.

  • Attracting students over the long-term - the Veterans.

  • Showing how much young people need and enjoy this time in nature because so many show up again and again - the Frequent Flyers.

Thanks to all of them – Rookies, Veterans, and Frequent Flyers – and to the parents, volunteers, donors, and partners who make it possible!

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