Our Programs

Wilderness Kids offers three ways of spending time with teenagers in beautiful natural areas - through our after-school programs; on weekend outings; and through a summertime "peak experience."

After School

In 2021-22, our first year, Wilderness Kids partnered with Alexandria City Public Schools to offer two 60 minute after-school programs for middle-school students at Francis Hammond Middle School each week. In 22-23, we are excited two be offering 3 or 4 per week, each 90 minutes and each of which will enable us to take students to a nearby park to truly explore the nature that lives in our city's public spaces. We work with students from Hammond's International Academy and LINK Club, serving students whose native tongues range from English to Dari, from Spanish to Amharic, from Pashtun to Arabic, and more. 


Weekend Outings

Saturdays provide a great opportunity to take students farther afield--perhaps sailing on the Chesapeake, climbing at Carderock, boating on the Potomac, or hiking the Billy Goat Trail or Turkey Run. Partners who are interested in working with our educators to plan a one-time or regularly scheduled outing should reach out to us.

Check out our 2022 Weekend Outing Schedule. Our 2022-23 Schedule is in the works.


Summertime Peak experiences

The summertime offers the possibility of creating true "peak experiences"--those couple-in-a-lifetime events that each of can cite as a truly lifechanging experience. Wilderness Kids aims to create just such an experience  each summer as we travel with our students to places such as Shenadoah National Park. Eventually, we have our sights set to build outings that give our students the opportunity to explore Yellowstone and the Tetons in the Mountain West, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the deserts of the Southwest, and more. Stay tuned as we grow and explore that nature this whole country has to offer!