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Cruising the Mighty Potomac

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Here at Wilderness Kids, we've been so busy getting our students outdoors that we have not had time to blog and post about what we are doing. It's time to catch up!

On May 21, we had an outstanding adventure on the mighty Potomac River with our partners at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation! 19 students set out with Wilderness Kids teachers and several dedicated volunteers to explore the river, the quality and characteristics of its water, and the critters that call it home. A few even took a turn or two at the captain's wheel!

We invite you to explore the day in photos!

It's all peace when you're floating down the Potomac!

Our students check the river for oxygen levels, pH, turbidity, nitrogen and more. Budding hydrologists!

Wilderness Kids Board member and CBF Staff person Maya Alexander leads our students in hauling a trawling net up from the river! Pull!
Several of our students took their turn behind the wheel, guided by our trusted captain, they navigated upriver on the Potomac. Keep 'er steady!

Born to be a captain!

After the hard work of hauling up the net, several students check the catch - an abundance of whitefish on this day! (All catch and release - we tossed them back after getting a good scientist's look at them.)

Thanks again to our hosts and partners - the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Thanks to our awesome volunteers and to all our donors who make days like this possible! We appreciate you!

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