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Climbing to New Heights!

Wilderness Kids Alexandria had an awesome, challenging and really fun outing this past Saturday, February 19. We began with a picnic, stone skipping and a short hike in Dora Kelley Nature Park; followed that up with a visit to the adjacent Buddie Ford Nature Center; and capped off the day climbing at Movement Gym in Crystal City.

This video captures much of what went on that day. Hopefully, it gives a sense as well of the laughter, smiles, and new friendships, across generations, that sprouted that day. And, hopefully it captures some sense of the challenges overcome, of young people staring at a wall that they are sure they can't climb--downright afraid to climb--and then climbing it once, twice, three times and more.

Thanks so much to Movement Gym, to Escala DC, to PATC - Mountaineering Section, and to The American Alpine Club - DC Section for coming out to volunteer and guide our students. Thanks to our great staff and to all our donors! And thank you to our students' parents for encouraging your children on this path.You make it all possible.

Finally, thanks to our great young people who seem to always rise to the occasion, with a smile.

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