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Ascending Carderock

In April, Wilderness Kids teamed up with the American Alpine Club, the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club, and ¡Escala DC! to bring 14 young people climbing at Carderock, Maryland right along the Potomac River. What a day!

Our incredible guides set 3 climbs for us and, as the photo shows, our students got right to it!

Sometimes a tentative start was quickly overcome and, before long all three routes were bagged.

For others, going half way up was the right way to spend the morning.

And for a few, just trying on the harness, climbing up a boulder or two, and watching their friends climb the face felt right.

While not climbing, half the group took a short hike along the Potomac and/or the Tow Path. It was a beautiful day out and stone skipping was of course among the activities.

Thanks to all of you who make it possible! And thanks to our students for the smiles and positive attitudes they bring.

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