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Thank you

Wilderness Kids Alexandria exists because so many generous individuals from Alexandria and beyond, are supporting our work. Thank you to each and every one of you. You make our work possible.

Old Rag_edited.jpg

Old Rag Peak, at 3284', is the high point of one of the most fun hikes in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains.

Shenandoah River.jpeg

The gorgeous Shenandoah River flows through Virginia and West Virginia.

GReat falls climbing.jpeg

Where the mighty Great Falls tumble down the Potomac, rocky cliffs--ideal for climbing--rise from the river.

PW Forest Whole group bridge.jpeg

A dozen "Wilderness Kids" took to snow covered Prince William Forest in February. With 16,000 acres of wilderness, it is the largest protected natural area in the DC metro area.

Old Rag Mountain Summiters


Letty G. Lynn

White Oak Canyon Explorers


Alexandria City Public Schools

The Running Brooke Foundation (via ACPS)

Jen Walker

Tara & Jerry Casagrande & Family

Shenandoah Paddlers


Gregory Casagrande

David & Margaret Gardner

Pam & Paul Hunt

Deanne Maynard & Charlie Rawls

Andrea & Edward McNicholas

Anonymous, (in memory of Art             Neuendorffer)

Ann O'Hanlon & John Harris

Richard & Kimberly Rinkema

Billy Goat Trail Adventurers


Ama & Aaron Adams (in memory           of Papa and Nana)

Terry & Theo Androus

Laura Jackson & Tim Cleary

Lisa Guernsey & Family

Linda & Robert Kocher

David & Julia Lee

Eleanor & Bob Long

Bill Park & Jung Choi

Rick & Meg Rath

Torun & Brian Walker

Stephanie & Damon Wright

Great Falls Rock Climbers


Samantha & Kenneth Ahdoot

Glenn & Jennifer Archer

Jarrett Arp & Nora Schuster

John & Annette Atwood

Derek Brown & Deborah Hellman

Roberta & Scott Cullen

Mike Discenza & Cindy Durakis

Amory & Annette Fiore

Chris FosterKaren & Tim Graf

Laine & Jim Hardman

Charles & Christina Holt

Lisa Jacobs & Paul Brinkman

Peter & Megan Madigan

Tam & Lauren Murray

Mike & Emily Porterfield

Chris Robbins

Nancy Weissman

Robert & Carrie Wood

Huntley Meadows Explorers


Meredith & Andy Barbour

Greg Barrett (in honor of Bob            Barrett)

Keith Barritt

Robbie Baxter

Anne-Marie Benedict

Thomas Canning

Gerardo Capiel

Brad & Julie Coburn

Jenny & Lizzy Considine

Joy Drachman & Chad       

   BreckenridgeMarga Fripp

Karen Gibbs

Michael Gritton & Kathy Atwood

Linda & Jon Harvey and Family

Julie Jakopic

Annie Jonas & Stacey Enos

Rob Krupicka

Marian & Peter Lawson

Jane & Richard Marcus

Maribeth McCarthy & Family (in        memory of Rich Heilman)

Scott & Kris Miller

Robin Noonan-Price & Stephen        Price

Jenny Nicholson

Meghan & David Rainey

Mark Rudio & Tracey Moorhead

Kay Sidahmed

Shawn & Janice Smeallie

Sara & Bob Soulliere

Rosie & Mark Wiedemer

John & Bridget Weaver

Steve & Jodi Winter

Prince William Forest Trailblazers

(to $99)


Olivia Barnett

Deborah Benasutti (in honor of          Paige Benasutti)

Colleen Bogner

Deborah Bombard

Mary & Brendan Brady (in                  memory of Art Neuendorffer)

Linda Critchfield

Ted DesMaisons

Monique Doussard

Nina Etyemizian

Jonathan Fetterolf

Mike & Christy Finn

Jessica C Haney

Polly Kelekis

Michelle & Michael Loesch

Mary Louise Marino

Anonymous, (in memory of Art             Neuendorffer)

Lisa Neurohr

Sarah Oglivie

Clare Parker

Melanie Parks

Joan Salute

Lisa Sweeney

Joyce Wood

White Oak Canyon.webp

White Oak Canyon offers beautiful waterfalls and an exhilarating natural water slide.

crossing a bridge.jpeg

The fun Billy Goat Trail winds its way along the Potomac River in Maryland, crossing small creeks and traversing boulder fields.

huntley meadows.jpeg

Not far from the traffic of Route 1 is the extraordinary Huntley Meadows wetlands, a popular stopover for migratory birds of all kinds.

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